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What Was Learned From France
dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011
A Doctor Who FanFic
Characters: Rose Tyler, 10th Doctor, Mickey Smith
Genre: Romance, light angst, character study
Summary: After the Doctor saves the day in France by abandoning Rose and Mickey on a deserted space ship, Mickey wonders what, if anything, Rose will learn from the experience.

A/N: After a long hiatus from writing (but not reading!), I'm posting again! As a devoted 10/Rose shipper, here is my obligatory exploration of GitF. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
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After their adventure on the murderous spaceship leading to 18th century France, Rose and Mickey had left the Doctor to his thoughts in the console room, heading to the TARDIS library with mugs of tea to chat and unwind from the day. Rose claimed her regular place on the end of the sofa opposite the fireplace, while Mickey sat in the leather armchair usually occupied by the Doctor. With a silent request from Rose, the TARDIS brought the fireplace to life. With a sudden whosh, flames burst forth from the logs. At Mickey's slightly surprised reaction, she gave him a wry smile before snuggling deeper into the sofa with her steaming beverage. Staring at the dancing flames, Rose was soon lost in thought. Carefully, Mickey studied her face for some indication of how she was handling the day's events. He was unsurprised to see a small furrow in her brow, her typical tell when something was troubling her.

Leaving Rose to her reflections for the moment, Mickey thought back on the past day. He had known, before coming aboard, that not all of the Doctor and Rose's adventures were sunny alien beaches and frozen waves, but he was still surprised by the degree of danger they had encountered his first time out the door. He wasn't sure he would ever understand how Rose could love this life as much as she did, but as much as he had once hoped, he had always known his girl wouldn't settle for an ordinary life. At first, he had resented the Doctor for taking Rose from him, but over the last two years, he had come to respect and appreciate the man for giving Rose the adventures and excitement he never could. He had thought the Doctor understood what a gift he had in Rose as well, but the day's events had left Mickey feeling astonished and a bit furious at the time-traveling git. He had just left her there, standing on an abandoned spaceship, so he could run off with some posh floozy in Versailles. And Rose watched him go, acting like it was no big deal. It crossed Mickey's mind that perhaps this wasn't the first time the Doctor had treated her like that. And Rose deserved so much more than that.

Mickey noticed then that Rose's eyes were glistening and a single tear had escaped down the side of her face. She was still watching the fire intently and had yet to notice Mickey studying her. Mickey carefully placed his mug on the side table and went over to Rose. Sitting down next to her, he placed his arm around her shoulder. Rose finally remembered that she was not alone and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. She glanced at Mickey, feigning a smile. Mickey wasn't fooled. "Babe, you shouldn't let that git treat you like that."

Raising her eyebrows in surprise, Rose spoke, "Mickey, you don't understand."

Mickey interrupted, "Look, I'm not tryin to get back with you or nothin. I know the two of us is over. But your still my best and oldest mate, Rose. And I know how you sell yourself short sometimes, like you did with that Jimmy Stone tosser, but you gotta know that you deserve better than that."

Rose was silent for a moment, her thoughts clearly brewing. Finally, she laid her hand on top of Mickey's. "Mickey, I know how sad and pathetic I must look to you, but you gotta understand something about the Doctor. He's old. Very old. And all alone. His people are all gone. I'm all he's got. He may act all tough and like he doesn't need anyone... more so in his last body, but even now... but that's all it is, an act. He needs a hand to hold, Mickey. And that hand is gonna be mine, for as long as I can. And I know 's never gonna go further than that and... I'm okay with that."

Mickey opened his mouth to speak, but Rose held up her hand to indicate she wasn't done yet. "Don't you see, Mickey? He's afraid, so afraid. He's lost everyone. And he's gonna keep on losing people, because that's the curse of the Time Lords. He knows he's gonna lose me someday too. And I wish I could change that for him so he doesn't have to lose someone for once. But all I can give him is my forever, however short it might be. After everything he has done for the universe, all the countless times he has saved everyone, and after all he has done for me, 's all I can do for him, Micks."

"Rose, I know you love him, but don't you think you deserve to be loved too?"

"Oh Micks, he does love me. I know he does. He's never gonna say it or do anything about it, but he loves me so much. I can see it every time he looks at me, every time he takes my hand, every time he scolds me for wandering off..." she smiled her first genuine smile of the evening at that thought.

"But Rose, he made you cry. Don't even try to deny it, I saw you just now. You can't let him just go running off with whatever flavour-of-the-week he happens to find just 'cause he's scared. He's hurtin you." Mickey pleaded with her to see the truth of the situation. He couldn't just stand by while she sacrificed all her happiness for the spineless idiot (and believe me, Mickey understood the irony of that idea).

"Mickey, I wasn't cryin for me. I was cryin for him," Rose gently explained.

Mickey was dumbfounded. "Rose, what could you possibly mean, you was cryin for him? He LEFT you, Rose. Left you standing alone on an abandoned spaceship, God knows where, so he could run off with some posh French whore." Rose winced. "Rose, you gotta admit that you are at least a little hurt or angry about all of this. If not at him, at least at the tramp."

Rose earnestly entreated Mickey, "Micks, how could I possibly resent Reinette? All she did was love the Doctor. And she said something very wise to me too. She told me, "The Doctor is worth the monsters." She was right. And so was Sarah Jane, when she told me "The Doctor is worth getting your heart broken for." The Doctor is worth all that, Micks, and so much more. But he hasn't broken my heart. I love him, Mickey, and he loves me. And right now, his heart is a little broken. Because he just lost someone, again. And he's probably still standing in the console room right now, if I know him, starin at the time rotor and thinkin 'bout how one day that person he loses is gonna be me. So I'm not hurt or angry AT him right now, Mickey. But I am a bit hurt and mad FOR him. He's the one who deserves so much more from the universe. He gives and gives and gives... and all the universe does is take. That's why I was cryin just now. Because the man I love is hurting and there is nothing I can do to change it." Rose ended her speech and looked at Mickey defiantly, daring him to challenge her again.

Mickey chose not to. Instead, he pulled Rose into a hug. He sat back and studied her face again. This time, he noticed the quiet strength and confidence in her poise. Then he nodded towards the door, "Well, you better go talk to him then. We don't need him brooding anymore than he does already."

Rose gave him a faint smile and a kiss on the cheek. "I don't deserve you, Micks." Then she got up and left the room. Mickey settled back on the couch, collecting his thoughts. Several minutes later, another thought occurred to him and made him perk up with interest. Not quite sure yet how to communicate with the sentient spaceship, he asked out loud, "Any chance I could catch a game in here?" Seemingly out of nowhere, a television appeared on the wall above the fireplace and the latest footie match popped up on the screen. Mickey chuckled. Now THIS he could get used to.


Rose hurried out of the library, intent on finding the Doctor and doing whatever she could to lift his spirits. Sending a silent inquiry to the TARDIS for his current whereabouts, she was surprised to bump right into him the second she left the library. She gasped in surprise before taking in his appearance. He had shed his long brown coat and suit jacket and had his shirt sleeves rolled up part way. His hair looked even more mussed than usual. And despite his slightly sunken eyes and pale face, he looked a bit less morose than when she had left him earlier. Rose smiled gently at him. "Care for a cuppa?" she inquired.

She was surprised when he actually grinned. "I'd love one," he replied and offered her his hand. She gladly took it and together they walked down the corridor towards the galley, their joined hands swinging between them. Rose watched him from the corner of her eye and noticed that he was actually smiling. It made her smile too. The reached the galley and he held out his hand, motioning for her to enter first.


She smiled. "Sir Doctor."

He went over to the stove and began to prepare their tea and snacks while she took her usual place at the little table in the galley. As he set about making the tea and setting some biscuits on a plate, she noticed he was humming to himself as he worked. Curious about this sudden change in his demeanor from when they left the spaceship, she ventured to ask him what brought about the change, not that she was objecting or anything. The Doctor set down the teapot he had been in the middle of pouring from, walked around the counter and crouched down in front of her, taking both her hands in his. He beamed at her, eyes sparkling, and she returned his smile with her own tongue-touched smile.


So I'm a Fan Fiction panelist at a sci-fi/fantasy convention...
dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011

Given my love of fan fiction and occasional forays into writing it, I volunteered to be a panelist at a local science fiction/fantasy convention for a panel on Fan Fiction. I started reading Star Trek fanfic ten to fifteen years ago, but my all-consuming addiction really began two or three years ago when I got into Doctor Who. Given that the panel is supposed to be on the changes in fanfic over the years, I'm wondering what other writers experiences are with it. Have you read/written exclusively online or have you tried other mediums? Did you share with a larger audience or just with actual acquaintances? How has this changed the fanfic you read and/or write? I would love and appreciate any thoughts you may have on this. Thanks!

Panel Description:

Fan Fiction: Still Around After All These Years?

Where has it been? Where is it leading? Formerly photocopies or even mimeographs, now fanfic is online and widely available. Has this changed fanfic?

A Small Misunderstanding
dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011

This was written for the Valentine's Day Ficathon over at Sisters of Guh on LJ. I choose the prompt: Nine learns that Rose is pregnant... with Ten's baby.

This is has a bit more angst than what I usually write, so I hope it works. My husband beta'd it and assured me it was fine, except for the suggestion of, in his words, "icky, sexy stuff" at the very end. Gee, I wonder why I spend so much time reading Doctor Who fanfic? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

A Small Misunderstanding

The Doctor let out of breath he didn't realize he had been holding as Rose Tyler closed the door to his ship. He had landed them on a beach in The Caribbean, the name given to a popular tourist destination in the 73rd century. It comprised a group of warm, earth-like planets in close enough proximity to allow for small shuttle crafts to be flown between them in only a few hours time. The planet they were currently parked on was actually named Rose, presumably due to the pink and red sandy beaches lining its ocean shores. Rose had been hinting to him for a while now that she would like to be taken somewhere nice and danger-free (relatively speaking, at least) for a little holiday. He was happy to oblige, especially if it would get her to stop teasing him for only taking her places that resulted in them running for their lives. Not that he actually minded her teasing or that she minded running for her life on a regular basis. But even a life as adventurous and completely not domestic as theirs required a little break once in awhile. He figured the warm ocean and sandy beach would keep Rose occupied for a few days and give him a chance to complete some much needed TARDIS maintenance. And give him a chance to brood over their evolving relationship without interruption.

He shucked off his leather jacket and threw it over the jump seat. Then he rolled up his sleeves, preparing to immerse himself in wires and grease beneath the ship's grating. Grinning at the time rotor, he heaved one of the gratings up from the floor and carefully lowered himself down beneath the flooring. Carefully, he examined the ship's wiring, determining which part most needed tinkering with. He eyed the broken chameleon circuit. However, his glorious ship, anticipating his thoughts, shot out several sparks of warning, as if to say, “Don't even think about it.” He chuckled at the old girl. She was rather fond of the blue police call box look and he had a sneaking suspicion that even if he managed to fix that chameleon circuit, she'd find a way to continue appearing in only that form... even if it meant only landing in the 1950s for the next century. “Okay, okay, old girl... there are plenty of other things that need fixin',” he assured her, giving the ship a fond pat. She hummed contentedly in response. “You and I make quite a pair,” he continued. “We are quite set in our ways, aren't we?” He grabbed a wire leading to the flux capacitor and began to strip it. “Perhaps it is best if we keep things the way they are after all,” he mused. The ship's tone changed slightly, as she wasn't quite sure where he was headed with this. “You know I'm rather fond of Rose and I think you are too, but we both know she's not going to stick around forever.” At this statement, the ship's tone turned decidedly unpleasant. “Oh, come on, you know she isn't going to want this daft face and these big ears when she could be out there havin' a real life.” The ship seemed unconvinced. “And don't you forget how much she likes her pretty boys.” The ship let out what sounded like a grunt. “Hey, don't you forget, domestics have no place on this ship,” he scolded. The time rotor screeched up and down once in protest at that statement. “What's gotten into you lately anyway?” he asked the ship. Between the accidentally walking in on Rose changing (he thought the door was to the library, not her bedroom), the candle-light dinners suddenly appearing in the galley, and the sudden appearance of evening gowns and tuxedos in the ship's wardrobe, the Doctor was beginning to suspect that his ship was going soft on him. “You haven't started nesting or something, have you?” he questioned. But instead of a reply, the front door suddenly burst open.

The golden goddess herself stood before him. For a second, he thought she must have forgotten something aboard the ship. That is, until he registered her full appearance. His pink and yellow companion stood in the doorway, her mouth agape. It took him exactly 2.7382 seconds to realize that the Rose Tyler standing before him was not HIS Rose Tyler. Not unless his Rose Tyler had suddenly developed Tarquillian Swelling Sickness, that is. Because this Rose Tyler was pregnant. Just about ready to pop, by the look of things.

His astonishment quickly turned to disappointment and bitterness. So that was the end of this little fantasy of his. There would be no courting of one Rose Marion Tyler, at least not by him. Why bother, when you knew that you were just going to come out the loser in the end? Even more painful, in a way, was the clear evidence that one day he would allow some future suitor to join her aboard his TARDIS (probably at that crazy nesting TARDIS's insistence). He would be forced to sit back and watch as she fell in love with, married (if the rock on her finger was anything to judge by), and had offspring with someone else. Someone who was not him. And he would be standing on the sidelines, playing the supportive, asexual best friend for all of it. An old conversation sprung back into his mind “Why is it always the great looking ones who do that? … I mean... men.” She just didn't think of him that way. And it couldn't be him. That much he knew for sure. Time Lords and Humans couldn't procreate.

Perhaps it was better this way. She was still so young and full of life. She didn't need to attach herself to some grumpy old Time Lord, full of bitterness and guilt. She probably took up with one of her pretty boys. At least he still had her as a companion aboard the TARDIS, if her barging her way into his ship like she owned the place was any indication. And this way she could have a family. Maybe he would get to be that kind of strange but devoted uncle to the little tike. He grimaced.

Rose, for her part, looked shocked... like she had seen a ghost. Well, he thought, with even greater disappointment, maybe it wasn't him she was still traveling with, at least not with this daft old face. He did perk up a little at the thought that she had remained with him through a regeneration. There weren't many companions willing to deal with that. Then again, maybe the regeneration was why she had taken up with one of her pretty boys. After all, he had been almost sure she had loved this him. Maybe the new him was even older-looking and broodier still. He really wouldn't blame her for not choosing that. He was about to open his mouth and say something when she spun around and reached for the door.

“Sorry! 'M so sorry!” she shouted back at him, pulling open the heavy wooden door. In five large strides, he had reached her and spun her back around to face him. Tears poured down her face, which she made a pathetic attempt to hide behind her small, perfect hands. “Doctor, I really shouldn't be here. You have ta let me go!” she begged as he pulled the crying girl to him. When he wrapped his arms around her, she gave up her attempt to flee and flung her arms around him. “I've missed you... I've missed you so, so much,” she sniffled into his shoulder. For the Doctor, this just confirmed that his regenerating had scared her away. Maybe she did have feelings for this him, but if she couldn't accept the new him, clearly her feelings for him were not nearly as strong as he felt about her.

Rose was enjoying this small precious moment in her first Doctor's arms, taking in the scent of his leather jacket and the feel of his tight muscles rippling beneath the surface, when she felt him tense up in her arms. Instantly, he changed from warm and inviting to cold and fierce. She looked into his intense blue eyes and took a step back from the icy heat she saw in them. With confusion at the sudden change in his demeanor, she took a step back. “M sorry... I really need to go. I shouldn't be here.”

“No, you shouldn't be here. Run on back to your pretty boy, Rose Tyler,” he sneered.

“But how did you...” she started to ask.

“It's always the pretty boys, isn't it?” he accused her coldly.

“But it's not like that,” she protested.

“It is though. I died and you just forgot about me, didn't you? You just ran off with that pretty boy and didn't give a second thought for how I'd feel!” he shouted at her, beyond caring that he was revealing more of his feelings for her than he had intended.

“But I thought you would be happy about this!” she cried. “It's me, livin' a fantastic life.”

“Thought I'd be happy about this?! Happy! About this?! Why would I possibly be happy about this?! You betrayed me, Rose!” he shouted at her.

“Oh God!” she gasped. “'M sorry! 'M so, so sorry!” She turned around and fled.

As the TARDIS door slammed shut, the Doctor stalked around the console. He was fuming mad, but he wasn't quite sure with whom. Rose Tyler did not love the next him. She had married some pretty boy instead. But she did say she missed this him. What had he done in the future to mess things up so much between the two of them. What had he done to lose her? He had just resolved to go find the next him himself and give him a piece of his mind when the TARDIS door burst open.

A tall pretty boy in a brown pinstripe suit walked in the door, a look of ferocity upon his face that could make a Dalek quiver in fear. A lesser man would have backed away, but not the blue-eyed Doctor.

“Ah, you must be Rose's pretty boy.”

The pretty boy in pinstripes was a bit stronger than he looked. His hand went for the Doctor's throat as he shoved the Doctor into the console. “What. Did. You. Say. To. My. Wife?!” the pinstriped man demanded to know.

“Nothing she shouldn't have known already!” he spat out, shoving the pinstriped man back. The two men glared at each other.

“Look, I don't know what you said, but you made Rose Tyler cry. Our Rose Tyler! You had better fix this!” the pinstriped man warned.

The Doctor sputtered. “Our Rose Tyler?! But that's the problem, she's not “our” Rose Tyler. She choose you, not me!”

The pinstriped man stared at him in disbelief. “Oh, I am thick. Thick-thickety-thick!”

The Doctor looked at the pinstriped man like he had suddenly sprouted a second head. The man turned to him, grasping the Doctor firmly by the shoulders and staring him in the face. “Just look at me!” he instructed.

The Doctor shrugged, unsure what this strange pretty boy was attempting to communicate. At least this one seemed to be aware of the fact that he was a completely numskull... More than could be said for the majority of Rose's boyfriends.

“And we call Ricky the Idiot!” the pinstriped man shouted.

Suddenly, it all clicked.

“But that's impossible!” the Doctor sputtered.

“You should learn to use that word a little less often, Doctor,” the pinstriped Doctor chided, a small smirk on his face.

“Where's Rose?” the younger, apparently rather thick-headed Doctor asked.

The older Doctor smiled. “I told her to wait right outside the door.”

“And you didn't think she might wander off?” the younger Doctor asked.

The older Doctor shrugged. “She won't get very far in her current state.”

“Oi, I heard that!” a certain pink and yellow girl called from the doorway.

The two Doctors turned to the girl who had stolen both their hearts (yes, pun intended). Her tears had mostly dried and she was smiling at them.

“Oh Rose, I'm so sorry,” the younger Doctor began to apologize.

She waved him off and with a saucy grin, she replied, “'S alright. 'Sides, I think I've thought of a way for the two of you to make it up to me.” It was quite some time later before either TARDIS left the beach.

Are you my mummy? "Mums" second chapter is complete!
dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011
Are you my mummy?I think my muse has finally returned! I've been wanting to update my story on Teaspoon, "Mums" for some time now, but just haven't felt inspired. Perhaps others feel differently, but Doctor Who Series 7, Part 1 has left me feeling rather disappointed. The action and occasional clever quips have been there, but the stories have just seemed a bit messy and contrived. I also fear that the writers are catering too much to what they believe the fans want to see instead of focusing on writing a good, cohesive story. It's funny, because I initially loved Moffat's take on Doctor Who. Even before he became head writer, many of his episodes are among my favorites. And while I think I may now prefer the tenth doctor a bit to the eleventh, Matt Smith was really my "first" Doctor and I am still very fond of him. But Series 7 leaves me feeling empty. It feels lazy, relying a great deal on bells and whistles instead of plot. <shrug> Perhaps the new companion will give the show a fresh perspective. We'll see. Anyway, I've finally added a second chapter to "Mums" on Teaspoon! :)

Review: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011
Rating: 9/10

Warning: Contains Very Mild Spoilers

If you picked up this book expecting the same sort of magical escape J.K. Rowling brought to the world with Harry Potter, you will be sorely disappointed. It took me over a week to trek through Part One of this seven part novel, which comprises the first third of the book. It is a tedious and slow climb. It is not pretty or magical. Rowling depicts the real world in all of its horribleness. Selfishness, corruption, domestic violence, drug abuse, racism, homophobia, bullying, adultery, mental illness (I'm sure I'm missing some more)... the little town of Pagford and it's surrounding area has it all. The town and its inhabitants are depressingly realistic. Only one man in this pathetic little town seems to rise above all of this horribleness and really do something to try to fix it. So, of course, he dies within the first few pages of the book. If you can make it through the elaborate world constructed in Part One of the book, you will be rewarded with a thrilling roller coaster ride through the fallout of Barry Fairbrother's death. I read Parts Two through Seven in a single day. It was filled with dark humor and delicious angst. The poignant ending brought tears to my eyes. Finish this book and you will be rewarded for your patience.

dalek, Chicago TARDIS 2011
I'm Anne Elliot. Well, not really. That's just my chosen pseudonym. (Ten points if you can cite the source without googling it.) Welcome to my new live journal account. I created this account mostly so I could follow and comment on my friends' writings that aren't posted elsewhere. I had originally planned to post my fanfic here as well, but I'm honestly not a big fan of the live journal format for multi-chapter stories...It's just too hard to search and follow. Instead, I'll post a message here when I've added stories elsewhere. All of my current fanfic writings can be found on the fantastic Teaspoon And An Open Mind, because right now (as in about a year now) Doctor Who is pretty much my obsession. My pen name on Teaspoon is Anne Elliot. So, if not fanfic, what do I intend to post to live journal? I'm thinking of using it to share my geekiness with the world, because, the truth is, THE WORLD NEEDS MORE GEEK. It's true. Oh, and don't be surprised if nerdy sciency things occasionally show up here as well. Because, yes, I am both a geek and a nerd... Frightening combination, I know. I'm sure it will be lots of fun.

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